Just live life the way YOU should, do things that YOU want to do, become the person you have always wanted to be. Remember, your life is in your hands, never forget that Smile364

see this place? this is what i wanted to do, this where i came, this is where i was happy. i chose my path, I’ve walked down it. Now you make your own and walk down it.

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Under pressure.

Being a teenager myself Hahaha, yes laugh it up -_- i know i talk and think like a 40-year-old divorced woman i understand that we go through certain situations and have certain pressures so kindly (and please sense the sarcasm) bestowed on us, but what defines you as a person is whether you shatter or thrive. At the age of 15 there are many pressures that you feel, the pressure to be a grown up and do grown up things, and for some people their mentality cannot simply cope with do doing any activities that involve responsibilities. Dont ever feel like you have to do anything, because you dont, you are who you are and you choose what/where/when you do something. Become your own person, dont do things because you think it will score you some sweet polularity points, no! do it because you feel that you need to or want to.

Goodbye little readers,

La Frog x

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Making the effort?

I’m sure all women and men have been through this, whether your partner is making the effort or not, and lets face it, its irritating! Especially when you know in your heart of hearts that your trying your damn hardest to do this, that and the other, but why? Well when your in a relationship you want your boyfriend/Girlfriend/husband or wife to know that your thinking of them, that you love them and well that your crazy about them! Its how we express ourselves, and its also very nice to feel those things to, to be on the recieving end of the ‘effort’ but how does it make you feel when the effort stops? Well from past and present experience its not so nice, you feel like theres something missing, or that something has changed, when in actual fact your probably right! The effort- as i like to call it- is important part in any relationship, makes you feel good, and makes you feel good by making them feel good(simple enough i imagine). So when something so significant disappears alarm bells start ringing, and your like ‘oh no, no no whats happening?!’ and the whole game of tit-for-tat starts and you just become a bunch of 16 year olds sweethearts- which in this case is a very, very, very bad thing, well unless your a very mature 16 year old. So what im trying to say, is if your not happy with how your being treated or how your treating them, its simple. change it. change it because you want to, change it because you love them and loosing them is simply not an option, change it because they mean the world  to you.

Goodbye little readers, i shall be seeing you very soon. too soon for your liking 😉

La Frog x


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What to do.

Ever sat there and thought what am i meant to do? I know i have, never known what to do, how to react to a certian situation, didnt know whether i was beign smart or stupid, didnt know whether this would affect my life. As you can guess i didnt know much, but all it takes it to just sit there and think, the way it started is the way it should end. No movement, no picking up that phone, no updating your facebook- like i know you do- just sitting there and using the most precious gift God ever gave us… our brains.

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Just a piece of my mind 02/07/2011


I promised myself that i wouldn’t be the type of Blogger who updated every 5 seconds, but this time i really cannot help it, and if I’m helping someone out, then why should i care? Well i don’t and i wont, so here goes…

You know what i have noticed, that some people just take the mick! You feel that your wasting your time, waiting around, checking your phone if that was a text- it was just your phone saying ‘Charge me you bitch!’ not quite so literally, but you get the point- your constantly logging in and out of MSN so see if they are ‘on’ or whether they left an offline message. They didn’t. It doesn’t matter whether your an independent, strong and successful woman, we all get like this. and we all know who you are waiting for. So next time you feel the urge, just think ‘I am wasting MY time, I am wasting MY effort and YOU are going to regret your lack of enthusiasm in us’ Your strong, your beautiful and you are not going to have a fool made out of you, whether you are a man or woman.

Goodbye my readers, but not for long- i feel another subject coming on to me, and its chat-up lines are outstanding. (Like if you got itWinking smile)

Lafrog x

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